/Social Impact Fund

Our Commitment

Half of our profits are invested into our Social Impact Fund which will allow us to partner with other committed organizations to address needs that are not being met in other ways. The Social Impact Fund demonstrates our commitment to positive social change and to taking action to address seemingly intractable social issues. It is our opportunity to contribute to communities beyond delivering high-quality consulting work.

How the Fund began

When we first visited the financially strapped Aboriginal communities of James and Hudson Bay in northern Ontario we saw a community that lacked safe housing. This meant that children who were taken into care were sent out of their communities. We saw the dedication, spirit and love to bring their children back home, but the challenge of finding housing that met the standards expected for all foster children. As we sought out and were approached by allies, we began considering innovative ways of supporting community aspirations. It was out of these deliberations that the idea of a Social Impact Fund was born.

The Aboriginal Community Building Initiative

Our first initiative was a project to develop housing for foster families in Aboriginal communities. Because we were a new company (not yet profitable), we contributed approximately $150,000 in consulting towards the Aboriginal Community Building Initiative.

We assembled a talented team of individuals with experience in affordable housing projects, funding frameworks, impact investment, architectural design, home builders and universities and aboriginal leaders in a pilot community to build the first set of homes for foster families and to test this new model. The project is now being implemented by the Aboriginal agency and project partners.

Refugee Sponsorship

Our latest commitment is more personal. In addition to funds from the firm, our team has committed to sponsoring a refugee family. Sponsorship requires money, but it also requires time, care and action to support the family through their first year in a new country. Our staff and many of their life partners have made personal commitments to provide for a refugee family and the firm is supporting the sponsorship with the funds that are required as a sponsor.