IT Audits and Assessments

Rich and accurate information and data can be sources of efficiency and drive the value of your organization.


Organizations must be able to protect and leverage their information to continue to provide effective service to their communities.


Our audit methodology checks the fit between your overall strategy and your IT investments. We help you to get the most value out of your IT as well as identifying risks and potential mitigation strategies.

Knowledge Management

Your organization has a wealth of organizational knowledge. 


Each individual in your organization holds a portion of this knowledge and this knowledge is worth sharing across your organization.  You can enhance your organizational capacity by sharing this tacit knowledge and by providing a platform for collaboration and discussion. 


Our knowledge management platform is scalable, affordable and flexible to organize your organizational knowledge the way you see fit.

IT Strategic Planning

What was important yesterday may be irrelevant today and obsolete tomorrow.  IT systems need to grow, re-prioritize and adapt with your organization.


Our consultants can help you navigate through the complexity of internal needs, the breadth of solutions offerings and the demands of the future.


Our IT Strategic Planning service helps you to identify critical business needs, select most fitting IT solutions and develop strategies to facilitate system integration.

Risk Management

IT infrastructure and applications have become an integral part of your organization.


You have carefully managed each IT project to ensure successful deployment and integration. The next critical step is to protect your IT investment.


Extended downtime is no longer tolerable in today’s environment. Through careful audits of existing IT management practices and infrastructures, we work with you to identify the risks that pose threats to your organization’s operations and develop Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans to minimize business interruptions.