Literature Review

Understanding the thinking from the best minds in academia can inform your organization to make decisions for the future.

Our disciplined and rigorous review methodologies include selecting appropriate search criteria and scanning academic databases, grey literature sources, government and other documents such as program evaluations.

Best Practice Research

Both literature and jurisdictional research can surface valuable information about leading practices. But all leading practices are not best practices.

Best practices are those that have been shown to achieve better outcomes and the amount of outcome research that is available varies. So it is important to understand which research describes a leading practice that is interesting and which is best practice that has been proven to achieve superior outcomes.

It is also critical to understand what elements of the leading practice make it best practice so that these are incorporated in your organization’s application. Our best practice research helps organizations to determine the difference and apply the knowledge appropriately.

Policy Analysis and Development

Whether it is public policy or agency policy, it should be based on clear values and principles and evidence based research and analysis.

When working with you, we begin by clarifying the core values that underpin the policy as well as the goals and strategic directions that the policies are intended to support.

We then deconstruct existing policies where applicable, gather relevant information and provide assessments on the alignment between your policies, your goals and objectives and the gathered evidence. We then provide realistic and effective recommendations to help realign your policies when appropriate.

Jurisdictional Research

The activities of organizations in different jurisdictions are helpful in understanding the latest developments in your service sector.

Moreover, jurisdictional research can highlight key lessons learned and potential pitfalls that need to be avoided. We approach jurisdictional research with the same rigour as literature research by establishing clear search criteria in advance and identifying comparable jurisdictions and key informants.

Environmental Scan

Environmental scans go beyond the literature and jurisdictional research described above.

They include collection and analysis of qualitative and quantitative data covering population demographics and needs, service demand, policy and legislative environment, competitive factors, resource availability, operating conditions etc.

We apply our knowledge of the sectors within which we work to develop a comprehensive framework for the environmental scan and then employ a variety of quantitative and qualitative methodologies to gather and analyze the data to create a comprehensive picture of the many factors that the organization needs to consider in its planning.

Program Evaluation

All organizations are increasingly being called upon to demonstrate the effectiveness of their programs and services.

Whether a program review or evaluation is in order, we apply and adapt key features of rigorous evaluation methodologies such as logic models.

We begin these exercises with an evaluation framework that articulates the purpose and objectives of the evaluation, the key evaluation questions and the methods that are going to be used to answer those questions. The approach is established with you in advance and the findings shared as the project proceeds so that we reach the conclusions of the evaluation together.