/Performance Improvement

Governance and Accountability

Governance of public and non-profit organizations is becoming increasingly demanding and complex. Organizations must have structures and processes to engage their community in planning and designing programs.

They must be able to demonstrate their effectiveness to their community and to their funders.

Increasingly governance and accountability of services cross organizational boundaries and new structures and processes are needed to succeed in this environment. We develop an accountability framework with you to help improve your governance performance.

Organizational Review

Whether as a result of forces from the outside or due to significant events occurring within your organization, a thorough examination of all of your existing processes and systems may be required in order to ensure your organization's ongoing viability and success.

Our organizational review methodology brings a holistic and respectful approach to assessing your financial, human resource, operational, technological and client service systems, processes and structures. Our goal is to create the foundation for sustainable positive change through organizational redesign.

Business Process Improvement

Process improvement can be achieved in many ways. If the areas in need of improvement are not obvious, a high-level assessment is an effective way to identify the areas that are likely to yield the most improvement for the resources the organization may have to spend.

A comprehensive approach that addresses people, processes and technology will produce the best results.

Business process redesign has been shown to generate significant savings, but its full reward is dependent on the ability of the people in the organization to change and on the support available from technology.

Organizational Design

More than designing a structure, an organizational design is a process to align all aspects of your organization to a set of carefully crafted strategic objectives. This process builds on an organizational review and looks at the roles, responsibilities, tasks, business processes, information technology and program mix and culture.

Our approach is designed to focus your organization on its strategic objectives and the core values and culture that underpin those.

Balanced Scorecard

Balanced Scorecard (BSC) was designed to manage the implementation of an organization’s strategy and to measure success.  It identifies the relationships between desired outcomes and the related drivers of performance:


  • Client experience and outcomes;
  • Operational effectiveness and efficiency;
  • Organizational capacity development; and
  • Financial sustainability and stewardship.


It should incorporate short-term and long-term objectives, financial and non-financial measures, lagging and leading indicators, external and internal perspectives, and quantitative and qualitative measures.

With you, we establish a BSC that is a linked series of objectives and measures that are consistent and reinforcing and support you in implementing your strategy and measuring your success.