Stakeholder Consultation

Stakeholders must have timely opportunities to provide input, validate findings, and/or comment on options before decisions are made.


We design stakeholder engagement strategies appropriate to the scale of the change initiative. Stakeholder expectations are managed by being clear about the parameters within which everyone is working and the scope of their participation.


Our facilitation services support stakeholder participation by providing a safe and supportive environment and moving the dialogue forward to a productive conclusion. We are experienced in online surveying, key informant interviews and focus groups and have conducted consultations with a full range of stakeholders from vulnerable clients to national leaders.

Change Management

Change management is more a process than a project.


To be effective, change management needs to be built into a transformation initiative early, rather than being left to the implementation phase.


It requires an understanding of the needs of each of the key stakeholders, so that activities which address those needs can be incorporated into the transformation plan.


To be successful the change process must be supported by effective communication and opportunities for meaningful participation by everyone affected, including internal and external stakeholders.

Leadership Development

Leaders can exist at all levels of the organization.


Our approach to Leadership Development starts with identifying your organizational-specific leadership competencies. 


Once we are able to reach consensus on what leadership means within your organization, we will work with you to ensure alignment with your performance management system which plays a key role in developing leadership.


Through workshops, coaching and mentoring relationships and other processes of engagement, we will work with you to identify and grow the leadership that exists within your organization.

Organizational Culture

Organizational culture is an organization’s shared values, beliefs and behaviours.


As intangible as it is, the success of your organization’s mission heavily depends on your culture and your people. Our cultural assessment tools act as barometers to highlight the characteristics of your organizational culture.


We can assist you to understand how your organization behaves and advise on the most appropriate cultural alignment or implementation strategy to achieve your objectives.

Executive Recruitment

Our recruitment strategy is built on a solid understanding of your organization.


We take an exhaustive approach to identify candidates leveraging a number of search methodologies. 


We assess the candidate's requisite knowledge, skills values, priorities, leadership style and interpersonal skills to determine whether there is a potential "fit" for this position in your organization.


We support you by providing selection tools and offering coaching to the selection committee in preparation for the interviews. Our relationship with you continues beyond the commencement of the new executive.

Human Resource Management

Workplace issues are complex and challenging.

Our consultants understand the nuances required to develop actionable HR strategies to create a high-achieving and committed work force. 

Our extensive experience in conducting human resource audits have enabled us to support organizations to conceptualize and operationalize full service human resource departments based on a model of HR best practices.

As a neutral third party, we also offer the ability to work through issues such as harassment, trauma and workplace dispute by building common interests and with a focus on education to achieve effective and respectful results.