Organizations undertaking good governance practices are committed to establishing decision-making structures and instilling a culture of accountability, transparency, responsiveness, efficiency and effectiveness. Well governed organizations are better able to meet the needs of the community and demonstrate the impact of their services.

Governance Reviews

Governance reviews are focused on improving organizations’ governance systems and structures to enhance effectiveness, accountability, and transparency, as well as to minimize risks.


We identify issues and the appropriate solutions to help understand and apply the latest in governance thinking and leading practices.  



These include peer–to-peer board evaluation surveys, CEO multi-rater feedback reviews and on-line governance databases.

Strategic Planning for Results

Boards shape an organization through vision, mission and strategy.

We help organizations confront change, clarify direction, and make the strategic decisions needed to achieve future goals.

We tailor processes and help organizations find the right strategies and action solutions to meet the greater expectations for results, organizational stewardship, public accountability and transparency, all helping organizations to achieve excellence.

Performance and Effectiveness

We work directly with you to develop the knowledge, tools and processes to achieve success based on best practices and accreditation standards.


By facilitating board retreats, planning sessions, and coaching, we help organizations achieve their best strategic and functional performance, which in turn helps organizations  achieve their mandates. 


We also provide web-based tools to evaluate and track various elements of an organization’s governance initiatives so that issues can be addressed in a timely manner.