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Who We Are

We are creative and dedicated professionals with strong social values and a commitment to our communities, especially to those who are most vulnerable. Together with our clients and Associates, we are building a sustainable multi-generational firm with a culture of mutual learning and co-creation. We address the complex issues affecting our communities with sustainable solutions and are committed to giving back through our social impact funds.

We are guided by our values:

  • Commitment to vulnerable people and community building
  • Tenacity
  • Generosity
  • Collaboration
  • Continuous learning and investment in our people
  • Celebrating and complimenting each others' skills and abilities

Our commitment to these values applies in the way we are structured and operate, and in our relationships with our clients and our Associates and Strategic Partners.

Our Story

Lough Barnes Consulting Group grew out of a workshop attended by a mixed group of experienced consultants and graduating students in response to an opportunity to create a new public sector consulting firm. We openly shared ideas that were important to us, but one stood out in particular.

It was the vision of a new organization rooted in strong values of caring and commitment and adopting lessons from the social enterprise field. A key feature of the new model would be dedicated social impact funds that would allow LBCG to partner with other committed organizations to address intractable issues that are not being addressed in other ways.

Our team shares a passion for social change and delivering results through professional excellence. To ensure sustainability, we are creating a multi-generational model, mixing the creativity of young consultants and the experience of senior advisors. To live our values, our compensation model is aligned with our public sector clients.

On October 1, 2012, Lough Barnes Consulting Group was launched and has continued to attract committed staff and Associates as we grow each year.

Steve Lough, Managing Director

Steve lough

Steve Lough started in the human services sector as a volunteer and human rights activist, served on several community boards and then led a community-based AIDS organization as Executive Director for six years. His work to build community partnerships to respond to the AIDS crisis led to a position at the Essex County District Health Council to lead a study of community service integration to complement the hospital restructuring plan that was being implemented. During this period he was seconded part-time to the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care to provide policy advice on the Integrated Health System Policy Framework, subsequently becoming Executive Director of the DHC.


Steve’s consulting work began with the ARA Consulting Group in 1998 shortly before they merged with KPMG. He continued in the public sector practice as KPMG evolved into BearingPoint. In 2007, he left to form Steve Lough &Associates Ltd. a firm with a range of senior Associates in community health and social services. The firm became a Vendor of Record with the Ontario government in 2008 and re-qualified in 2011 under an expanded set of categories.


Throughout his career, Steve maintained a strong passion for social equality.  He is dedicated to improving the lives of vulnerable populations by delivering quality work to the organizations that serve them. He brought his passion to the strategic meeting which proved to be a turning point for both Steve Lough & Associates and Barnes Management Group.