Steve Lough


Steve Lough is a one of the founders of LBCG. He has Masters in Health Science: Health Administration from the University of Toronto and has been a management consultant since 1998. Prior to that, he was Executive Director of the AIDS Committee of Windsor and then the Essex County District Health Council.

Steve has completed a wide range of consulting assignments in health and human services at the national, provincial, regional and local levels. His work has included: 

  • Research and policy analysis
  • Needs assessments and regional service plans
  • Strategic and business planning
  • Business efficiency and process analysis
  • Governance and accountability
  • Integrated service delivery and shared services
  • Organizational transformation and change management
  • Stakeholder engagement and facilitation
  • Information management
  • Operational reviews and program evaluations

Steve donates to a wide variety of causes and has been an active volunteer all his life. He is currently the President of a neighbourhood association in downtown Toronto which is trying to manage rapid intensification pressures. The preservation of nature is important to Steve and he hikes and canoes in summer and skis and curls in winter.


Tony Yu


Tony is a skilled consultant with a wide range of experience from strategy to IT. Tony has a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Toronto and he holds an MBA from the Schulich School of Business specializing in strategic management and has successfully completed a number of assignments since becoming a management consultant.  Tony is experienced in IT, Marketing, Service Coordination and Amalgamation.  His clientele includes Child Welfare agencies, Children's Mental Health agencies, Family Services agencies and Community Service agencies.  His work has included:

  • Environmental scan
  • Jurisdictional and best practice research
  • IT strategic review, IT implementation and IT procurement
  • Brand management
  • Event marketing
  • Visioning
  • Mergers and amalgamations
  • Process analysis
  • Organizational design
  • Policy development

His passion for Canadian Indigenous population has lead him to volunteer to develop and deliver a program to recruit and select a team of summer interns to support an initiative of the Payukotayno James &Hudson Bay Family Services to build housing for foster families so that foster children can remain in their communities rather than be sent south to unfamiliar surroundings.  He currently sits on the board of a student led initiative – Student Providing Empowerment for Aboriginal Rights, that aims to connect Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students to learn from each other and to make a difference in the Aboriginal communities. 

He loves traveling with his wife and spending time with his golden retriever, Ben.  He takes after his father as he is also an avid two wheeler, both on a road bike and on a motorcycle.  One of his fondest memories was going on a cycling tour around Taiwan with his father.


Susan Underhill


Driven by a passion to transform public services to work better for citizens, Susan has over 13 years of experience managing large-scale transformation projects. She has worked at BearingPoint and Pricewaterhouse Coopers where she developed her management consulting skills and spent six years in the Ontario Public Sector where she has a track record for developing and implementing multi-year strategies resulting in improved and modern service delivery.   Susan has a Master’s degree in psychology and has a good understanding of organizational dynamics, as well as strong analytical and research skills. Susan is an effective, collaborative, inspirational leader and systems thinker.

Susan’s areas of specialty include:

  • Citizen-centred service delivery
  • Business process improvement (LEAN)
  • Project management (10+ years)
  • Strategic planning
  • Change management
  • Performance management
  • Program evaluation
  • Research and surveying

Susan is committed to public service and has an established reputation for “getting it right” and telling leaders what they need to hear. She serves on the Toronto Regional Group Board at the Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC). She also sits on the Board of Parkdale Project Read which serves the adults in the Parkdale community who are seeking support around literacy and academic upgrading. Susan enjoys spending the weekends with her family camping and hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter.



Ayesha Patel


Ayesha recently graduated from University of Toronto with a specialist in Digital Enterprise Management and a major in Economics. She holds an H.B.A degree and is knowledgeable in the areas of project management, risk management, business strategies, and entrepreneurship.

Ayesha has been involved in several internal business development projects, and external consulting projects in the health sector where she has worked on and supported tasks such as:

  • Stakeholder Engagement and Facilitation (focus groups, interviews)
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Research and analysis
  • Policy development
  • Digital analysis and strategic planning
  • Project management

Ayesha is passionate about working in the health sector to help create positive change in hospitals and children mental health agencies. She is also very interested in gaining more experience in project management with the goal of becoming PMI certified.

On her spare time, Ayesha is a keen reader, amateur photographer, and most of all - an avid gamer.


Abdel Al-Sharif


Abdel is a recent graduate from the Master of Accounting Program at the Schulich School of Business. He holds a BSc. in Physiology and Physics from the University of Toronto, and is experienced in scientific research and analysis.

Abdel has been involved in a number of consulting assignments in the health sector. His projects include:

  • Feasibility analyses
  • Service reviews
  • Financial forecasting
  • Environmental scans
  • Population needs assessments

Abdel is passionate about contributing to social change. He is the treasurer for a non-profit organization to promote awareness for kidney disease, and volunteers consistently with Meals on Wheels.


Rochelle Atizado


Rochelle Atizado has 5 years of experience in communications, research and analysis, and project management, spanning the public and private sectors, not-for-profits and community-based organizations. She holds a bilingual Master of Public and International Affairs, a Bachelor of Commerce specializing in global management, and a Certificate of Proficiency in French.

Prior to joining LBCG, Rochelle worked at national and international organizations, including the United Nations, the Canadian Board Diversity Council and the Women’s Executive Network. For these organizations, Rochelle’s work included:

  • Communications, including strategic communications and publication-writing
  • Research and analysis
  • Project management, including that of national and international scope
  • Stakeholder management
  • Operations

Rochelle’s current work involves undertaking research and various analyses, conducting interviews and consultations, conducting a feasibility study, supporting projects and more.

In addition, Rochelle is an ad-hoc consultant and published author at the United Nations. She has worked at the New York and Geneva Headquarters, including in the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). Part of her graduate studies—conducted in both English and French—was completed at the University of Geneva and the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Switzerland. She brings forth a unique global perspective, international experience and cross-cultural competence.

Rochelle is an avid traveller and loves the outdoors. She volunteers for and paddles with New York Outrigger, and is a former member of the Outer Harbour Premier Women competitive dragon boat team. Rochelle also volunteers for Special Olympics Ontario.


Nick Chauvin


Nick Chauvin recently graduated from the Master of Management of Innovation program at the University of Toronto. He holds a BSc. in Life Sciences from Queen’s University. Leveraging these two degrees, Nick combines a skillset in economic analysis, technology management and business strategy to a strong scientific foundation rooted in research and analysis. He is an experienced leader, having worked with a number groups of varying backgrounds and cultures to reach their objectives.

Nick is knowledgeable and experienced in the following roles and tasks:

  • Research and Analysis
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Project Coordination and Management
  • Business Analysis

Nick enjoys dedicating a portion of his time to volunteering in his community. Two initiatives he has most recently been involved with are Camp Trillium and the Ronald McDonald Family Room at the SickKids Hospital. Nick is passionate about the outdoors and enjoys spending his spare time backcountry hiking, canoeing and camping.


Michael Schlesinger


After completing his Masters of Industrial Relations and Human Resources, Michael Schlesinger held several HR management positions in the financial services industry. For the last 18 years Michael has been consulting with a range of not-for-profit and for profit organizations. This includes 6 years at KPMG Consulting where he spent time in both the Actuarial, Benefits, Compensation and HR practice and the Public Sector practice where he was a Senior Manager who led multiple large scale organizational design initiatives. Michael is thrilled to currently be associated with the Lough Barnes Consulting Group. Michael is a leading Canadian expert in competency based human resource activities and workplace evaluations. He is also a lecturer at the University of Toronto, Woodsworth College in the area of organizational development

Michael has worked extensively consuting within the not-for-profit and social services sector. Some of his areas of expertise include:

  • Competency based and integrated HR functions
  • Meaningful and practical performance management programs
  • Organizational development and design
  • Training and development
  • HR business partnership and the trusted advisor model
  • Labour Relations

As the son of two university professors, one who taught sociology and the other who taught several generations of social workers at U.Of T., Michael thoroughly enjoys working in the social service sector where people are trying to make a difference every single day. Michael is an avid runner and gets tremendous satisfaction acting as a guide runner for athletes with disabilities.


Jay Kaufman


Julie Gaudet


Julie is prepared at the graduate level in Nursing Science (administrative field of study) and brings her recognized expertise as a health researcher and evaluator in public and private sectors.  In her 17 year tenure and former director at The Hospital for Sick Children, and former mental health nurse, Julie was an active participant on external committees and taskforces which focused on health planning (child health and mental health services specifically) and service integration in the community service sector.

Julie brings both qualitative and quantitative research and evaluation experience. She brings strength in statistical analysis as demonstrated in both her evaluation work and teaching of statistical courses she has designed and provided. Julie’s commitment to excellence in health care and education is integrated into her practice in the following specialty areas:

  • research methodology; statistical literacy,
  • health informatics,
  • interprofessional education (IPE), nursing education, simulation learning, e-learning applications,
  • e-Health deployment,
  • executive health, primary care,
  • emergency services, 
  • child and adolescent psychiatry, addictions, adolescent medicine
  • medical call centre management (including Poison Information Centre)

An associate of Lough Barnes Consulting Group, a health management consultant since 2004 and professor of Nursing at George Brown College, Julie is a bilingual senior nursing professional, whose passion includes teaching, coaching, and mentoring adult learners and health care professionals.  Julie’s consulting activities focus on organizational/operational management reviews, evaluation research, accreditation review and quality improvement, and program and curriculum development. She has conducted numerous projects that involved consultation with stakeholders (by interviews, focus groups and surveys); literature and jurisdictional reviews; analysis of data collected from a variety of sources; and preparation of draft and final reports in French and in English. As an effective leader with superior skills in communication, project management and operational management in both acute and community sectors, Julie brings extensive experience in a wide variety of clinical, management and academic positions.

Valerie Johnston


Valerie offers more than 30 years clinical, management and policy experience in health care.

After graduating from York’s Non-Profit Management and Leadership Program, she honed her skills as an internal consultant with CMHA Ontario, and as a governance and communications advisor with a major provincial health information initiative.

As a consultant, she has served the not-for-profit sector since 2000, working extensively with organizations dedicated to improving the health and well being of vulnerable populations. Her practice focuses on:

  • Community Engagement
  • Environmental Scans
  • Needs Assessment
  • Strategic Planning
  • Partnership Development
  • System Design
  • Organizational and System Review
  • Policy Analysis

Valerie’s early work as a clinician led her to a commitment to enhancing the health and long-term viability of health and social service agencies. More recently, an interest in the development of effective service networks motivated her to work with the systems in which those organizations operate. She is committed equally to the values that have historically driven the not-for-profit sector, and the value for money considerations on which current decisions must be based. Integrity, Creativity, and Effectiveness are hallmarks of Valerie’s practice – and her life.

John McKinley


John is a seasoned health care executive who combined a 30+ year career in the Ministry of Health with a 2 year assignment in a large community hospital. He is well known for his work on funding the health system and developing models to incent providers to achieve government policy direction. John has led several province-wide information management projects that have improved the understanding of community health services. John studied business administration at the University of Ottawa where he graduated in 1984. His areas of specialty are:

  • Policy Analysis
  • Financial Analysis & Management
  • Funding Model Development
  • Project Management
  • Change Management
  • Organizational Design
  • Information Management Strategy
  • Operational Management

John is passionate about our universal health care system and is always looking for ways to improve care for all of us whenever we need it. John serves on the Board of Governors of the University of Ontario Institute of Technology where is the Chair of the Advancement Committee. He enjoys golfing, skiing and any time he can get in the great outdoors. He is the family cook and loves experimenting with the barbeque.

Susan Morris


Susan is a Registered Social Worker and accredited specialist in Dual Diagnosis, developmental disability and mental illness. She has received additional training in leadership and interprofessional care. Susan has developed and lead community and hospital based mental health services, interprofessional teams, provincial and national advocacy initiatives, and negotiated many interagency partnerships.

Susan’s practice includes:

  • Program development and implementation
  • Cross sector networking and partnership facilitation
  • System planning and design
  • Change management
  • Program reviews
  • Literature reviews
  • Development of effective teams
  • Curriculum/toolkit development and training

Finding solutions to complex multi-system issues for those most vulnerable is at the core of Susan’s work. As a consultant Susan is using her range of experience to provide strategic advice, program design and implementation, training, facilitation, and development of concept papers for large and small organizations and associations. Susan is known as an effective team builder, clear communicator, expert knowledge user, with a keen interest in interprofessional practice.

When not gardening, bird watching, or playing golf, she is an active volunteer on various not-for-profit boards including Community Health, Dual Diagnosis and Autism.

Mina Singh


Mina D. Singh is an Associate Professor, School of Nursing, York University. She has a long career in nursing having worked in acute care, mental health, psychotherapy and public health. Her expertise is as a research methodologist, statistician and program evaluator. She won the 2012 National Nursing Research Scholar award granted by the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (CASN). She has been an Accreditation Reviewer for CASN for over 12 years and has travelled internationally and nationally reviewing nursing education programs. She has served several times as both the President of the Board and member of the Board for Black Creek Community Health Centre. She is presently on the Board of the Ontario Society of Psychotherapists and Guyana Help the Kids, which is an organization to reduce infant mortality in Guyana.

Janice Dusek


Cindy VandeVyvere


Eric Fonberg


Judith Moses

Judith has held top leadership positions in government, private and non-profit sector for many years, most recently as Vice President, Institute on Governance where she worked in Iraq, Botswana and with the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, Natural Resources, Halton Region and University of Guelph. Previously she led a task force on central agency reform in the Ontario Cabinet Office and on horizontal management of federal activities in the regions in the federal Privy Council Office. She is a former federal senior assistant deputy minister, Agriculture and Agri-food Canada, ADM Policy/CEO Training and Development Canada, director general Labour Market Outlook and Sector Analysis. HRDC and director of intergovernmental affairs at DIAND.

Her areas of specialty include:

  • Public governance and accountability
  • Machinery of government
  • Policy development and strategy
  • Strategic planning and review
  • Transformational change
  • Project development
  • Government relations and strategy advice
  • Partnership development
  • Leadership development and facilitation

Judith is a Guelph grad and attended the Oxford Centre for Management Development. She has been active in federal and provincial politics and numerous boards, currently on the board as past chair of HIPPY Canada where she is passionate about early childhood learning. She advises resource development companies on Aboriginal community relations strategies, serves on the Ontario Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade Minister’s Partnership Forum and is a CivicAction DiverseCity Fellow. She serves as Public Witness for Ecological and Social Justice with the Anglican Church of Canada and is the Aboriginal outreach chair at Grace Church-on-the-Hill. Judith is an avid golfer and tennis player and loves yoga, jazz music and Labrador retrievers (chocolate).

Jennifer Webster


Jennifer Webster is a labour relations professional with over 25 years’ experience supporting unions and employers in developing their relationships. She is a member of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario. She supports an approach to conflict resolution that builds relationships and enhances creative problem-solving.

Jennifer is also a certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator and has led LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® sessions for team development, strategic planning, and the development of organizational vision. She finds this a very powerful tool for teams to engage in a meaningful way around complex issues and problem-solve together.

Prior to consulting, Jennifer worked for over 15 years as a labour mediator with Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, a branch of the Ministry of Labour. From 2009 to 2016, Jennifer was the Ontario Regional Director for Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service. Her work at Federal Mediation involved the conciliation of collective bargaining disputes, grievance mediation, the facilitation of negotiations and committees, and the design and delivery of training in all areas of labour relations. She has been a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada since 1992 and practised law as union counsel for 11 years before joining Federal Mediation.

Hollie Devlin


Hollie holds a Master of Science degree in Molecular and Medical Genetics from the University of Toronto. With over 20 years experience in academic, private and not-for-profit sectors, Hollie has an exceptional grounding in scientific, health and medical arenas across a broad range of areas, including research, communications, evaluation, continuing health education and more. Hollie brings a deep understanding of and connections with many healthcare professions and organizations.

Some of Hollie's skills include: 

  • Program planning and evaluation
  • Medical writing and editing
  • Healthcare, medical and scientific communications
  • Project management
  • Business process assessment and evaluation
  • Presentation and facilitation training
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Stakeholder evaluation, engagement, and influencing
  • Change management

Hollie has an active volunteer life, serving on the Ethics Committees at St Michael’s Hospital and St Joseph’s Health Centre. Hollie is the current President of the Fife House Foundation Board of Directors and also serves on several committees at Fife House. You may see Hollie with one of her certified Therapy Dogs, mini poodles Stevie and Emmet, at SickKids Hospital or out in the community at various events.


Ellen Waxman


Ellen is a passionate leadership coach and expert management consultant. She possesses a unique combination of over two decades of public sector senior management with strategic consulting experience. Using a partnership-based approach, Ellen excels in motivating clients to manage complex and challenging environments. She knows that mental attitude is as crucial as hard skills in reaching the top of one’s game. Ellen has a Master’s of Education from the University of Toronto and is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) Certified Coach.

Over the past several years, Ellen’s clients have included several Government of Ontario ministries and senior leaders, Yukon Public Service and not-for-profit agencies in the social services and health sectors. Ellen’s areas of work include:

Ellen's areas of work include: 

  • Leadership development and coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Planning and managing organizational change
  • Strategic and business planning
  • Stakeholder engagement planning and implementation
  • Leading consultations as well as small and large group facilitation
  • Accessibility/AODA
  • Governance
  • Research

Ellen has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Paralympic Committee since 2013 (CPC), the Chair of the CPC’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee and the Revenue Generation Committee. She is also the Vice Chair of the Paralympic Foundation of Canada. She is motivated by the power of sport to transform lives and communities. When not working or volunteering, she and her partner spend time at their cottage or traveling.