/Strategic Alliance

KTA Inc.


KTA and Lough Barnes Consulting Group are joining forces to better serve clients. KTA and Lough Barnes Consulting Group are pleased to announce that we are combining our skills and experience to better serve our consulting clients. Our two firms share the same commitment to provide high-quality management consulting services and to positive changes in the public sector. Together we are building a new type of open collaborative organization rooted in the values of excellence, sincerity and co-creation. Adopting the philosophy of a social enterprise, we have created a social investment fund that will allow us to partner with other committed organizations to address intractable issues that are not being addressed in other ways.

/Our Partners

Infobase Solutions International


Infobase Solutions International is our strategic partner in providing IT consulting services. Our experience in working with Infobase has been incredibly positive. The team at Infobase are conscientious, they deliver high quality results and most importantly, they are pleasant to work with.

Infobase Solutions specializes in:

  / IT Assessment / Application Development / Content Management
  / Payment Processing / Hosting and IT Support / Knowledge Management

With a breadth of experience in the private, public and non-profit sectors, Infobase and Lough Barnes brings the expertise to meet the IT needs of our clients.

Infobase Solutions: "We had the great opportunity of working with Lough Barnes on several projects, and were thoroughly impressed with their consultants’ high level of dedication and professionalism. Every time they bring expertise in organizational management and passion in social services into the project, and make the effort an enjoyable one for everyone involved."

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Garrison Health


Garrison Health is our strategic partner in providing clinical services strategy and planning, operational improvement, and data analytics. The team at Garrison Health is adept at clearly defining a client’s business problem, collaboratively establishing the corresponding guiding questions or hypotheses, and determining the required internal/external data sets and analyses required to build implementable solutions.

Garrison Health specializes in:

  / Data Analytics / Service Planning and siting / Service Integration
  / Business process and operational improvement / New venture development / Business Planning

Garrison Health has worked with health and social services organizations at provincial, regional, and local provider levels across the continuum of care, with engagements spanning the public, not-for-profit, and private sectors.

Garrison Health: "What I admire about Lough Barnes Consulting Group is their ability to assemble consulting teams with the right expertise and experiences to make every engagement successful."

ReadyPortal Logo

Ready Portal


Readyportal is our strategic partner in providing intranet and internet services, data management, web application development and design implementation. The team at Readyportal skilfully understands clients’ IT needs and collaborate in creating a dedicated IT system for them. They analyse the challenges clients face and materialize the most efficient business flow into cloud-based solution.

Ready Portal specializes in:

  / Content Management / Data Management / Service Integration
  / Intranet Architecture / Cloud and SaaS Implementation / Design Execution

Readyportal has worked with major associations, government organizations, NGOs and SMEs. They have offices in four countries, with their operations spanning all over Canada, the US, Brazil, the UK, India, even Columbia. With their expertise, we are able to implement cutting-edge technologies to our clients and accumulate extensive efficiency.

Ready Portal: "We are honoured to have Lough Barnes Consulting Group as one of our partners. Their ability to understand customer needs and provide meaningful consultancy services as well as their contribution to the community is aspiring."